3 Tips For Not Noticing The “Post-Vacational Syndrome”

3 Tips For Not Noticing The "Post-Vacational Syndrome"

Do you feel discouraged, fatigued, apathetic, nervous, sleep bad or have a headache? If you have several of these symptoms despite having a few days working, you may be suffering from the “post-vaccination syndrome”. 

This syndrome translates into feelings like the refusal to return to work after vacations and is usually attributed to laziness or lack of incentives. The new schedules, being again in an environment of control and demand, the stress of the organization of schools, activities, etc. Can cause this discomfort.

How are you thinking about your return?

The prospect of having to return to work as usual is not the same as having to look for a new job, but you may find yourself in this situation as well and be more difficult for you. In any case, if you find it difficult to start the activity, try to see the bottle half full and ask yourself:

What was it that led you to dedicate yourself to that work, what was your initial purpose?

Do you have any illusions in the daily course; is there any project or opportunity that you would like to fight for?

What is the least important element of your work and what can you do to change it?

There is something definitive for the good return and it is how we live it, our attitude. In each interaction with others or in every daily challenge we can discover novelties, opportunities, surprise ourselves by perfecting our task, or create something new.

Work or rather our way of working, the desire to join an activity, is a reflection of the positive or negative perception that we have towards our life.

We do not always have a job that we love but we can always try to do the tasks with love.

3 Tips For Not Noticing The "Post-Vacational Syndrome"1. it’s all about perspective

You can think about what you are going to put your attention on as of today: in what it means the need to return to work or in what you dislike to return to it, in the ideas and activities that you can realize to design a different future or in The monotonous and boring part that involves the repetition of any task.

You are going to think that you are still far away your vacations or the getaway of the next weekend.

2. The others do matter

Observe your relationships and change them if necessary. Many times what it costs is not so much the incorporation to the work but the rejection that produces us to be close to negative, complaining or unpleasant people. Not only are diseases contagious and therefore you may be exposing yourself to bad energies if you continue to access the relationship with people you do not like. Value your companies, close to who you are of the people who transmit positive feelings and affection or those who can fuel your frustration?

3. Organize your time and use exhaust valves like exercise

Besides helping you stay fit is a way to disconnect and get away, did you know that just walking 40 minutes a day to get the same healthy benefits as spending an hour in the gym?

Only you have the reins of your life and only you can perpetuate a situation or move forward to change it. Do not wait for the planets to align in your favor to change your life … there is little chance that this will occur and put your part to start again with enthusiasm.

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