The Different Types of Mental Disorders and their effects

medicines for mental disorder

There are different kinds of mental disorders. Some are potent, and some are not obvious. However, if you feel like you have some unusual thinking or your friends have developed some mental disorder, then you are on the right page! There are many medicines for mental disorder but you have to find the right kind to adopt the best treatment for yourself.

It will not be a pain to admit something and overcome it. Do not dwell on the negativities of your life. Improve yourself and live happily; know your weak spots and be open to improvements.

Psychotic Disorder

This kind of disorder has two symptoms; hallucinations and delusions. Hallucination is defined by imagining things that are not there. Delusion, on the other hand, is defined as false beliefs that a person believes to be true even if there are already evidence that it is false. People with this kind of disorder are somehow dangerous to be with because of their impulsive behavior when under the influence of hallucinations or delusions.

Anxiety Disorder

This disorder is shown by responding to the situation with fear and dread. Some people sweat a lot while in the middle of a certain situation. This anxiety disorder can turn into phobias soon if left untreated. This is the common mental disorder but can become serious if disregarded. Too much anxiety could also cause hyperventilation which is a constricting chest pain.

Mood Disorder

This disorder is also called affective disorders. This disorder has extreme emotions involved. One person could feel so much happiness at one point then suddenly turns into extreme sadness. This disease can lead to other mental disorders such as psychotic disorder.

Eating Disorder

This disorder involves extreme emotions and these emotions are expressed on their eating habit. The common types of eating disorders are anorexia and obesity. Anorexia nervosa is a lack of interest towards foods because one looks at oneself as too fat while anorexia bulimia is too much love for food. Emotions trigger These eating disorders that one can feel. Always train yourself to have a strict moderation in your eating habit.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is caused by a traumatic event that occurs in a person life. This disorder has long term effects and can cause emotional numbness. PTSD is commonly caused by terrifying tragedies such as sexual assault, witnessing a murder, and an unexpected death of a close person.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Its abbreviation OCD commonly calls this disorder. People with this disorder is in constant fear. This causes them to perform certain rituals before doing something. A famous example would be a person with a constant fear of germs that they always bring sanitizers with them and make sure that everything they touch is cleaned first.

Advice Around the Corner

These mental disorders should not be taken lightly and thus you should choose the best medicines for mental disorder. You have two choices in receiving treatment; you can either train yourself to become better or undergo psychology treatment by visiting a registered psychologist. In self-treatment, make use of nootropics to help you mentally enhance yourself and improve your cognitive performance. Second is to undergo psychological treatment and follow the program provided by your psychologist

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