Adrenal hyperplasia: a description of the causes, symptoms, treatment

Above the kidneys are a pair of glands of internal secretion, which is called the adrenal glands. These bodies produce different hormones that regulate the status of the whole organism. That’s why adrenal hyperplasia is a serious illness and a problem for the whole organism. The fact that this hyperplasia we talked about in other similar articles (prostatic hyperplasia, hyperplasia of the thyroid gland), but remember that this pathology manifests itself the growth of tissues.

Each adrenal gland comprises cortex and medulla, which generate the different active substances. As a rule, the expansion of the tissues of the adrenal cortex is affected. For medulla gland tumor characteristic. Hyperplasia symptoms depend on the type of exchange a certain hormone disorders.

adrenal-hyperplasia-a-description-of-the-causes-symptoms-treatmentThe growth of prostate tissue affected, as a rule, both the adrenal cortex. As already mentioned here it all depends on which hormone was broken, here you can identify the following types of diseases associated with abnormal gland cortex:

  • Cushing’s Syndrome

Visual signs and symptoms of this type of disease is obesity, especially stout upper body and face. But at the same protein structure (dermis, muscle) undergoes atrophy. Because of that limb compared with the trunk appear disproportionately lean completeness. Also lost health of the skin, there is excessive acne, hirsutism, hyperpigmentation. For injuries of skin wounds difficult to heal. He suffers when hypercorticoidism and support unit: there is osteoporosis, with an increased risk of spontaneous fractures. Also affect the genital area, psyche, increased blood sugar, blood pressure.

Such a complex of symptoms occurs when the cortex hormone excess iron – hypercorticoidism. The cause of Cushing’s syndrome can become not only hyperplasia, and tumors of the adrenal tissue. Often the disease is congenital and hereditary.

  • Conn’s syndrome

This pathology does not apply to the appearance of the patient, but it violates the state. In the body, with Conn’s syndrome begins to accumulate sodium, while potassium is displayed. To balance the excess sodium in the body fluid begins to accumulate, thereby increasing blood volume and hence blood pressure starts. Also, the risk of stroke increases. Due to the lack of potassium are beginning to suffer the muscles and nervous system. Patients begin convulsions, lost sensitivity, numbness begins. Among other things, with an excess of water increases the volume of urine, it becomes more alkaline.

  • Congenital hyperplasia

It is said that adrenal hyperplasia fairly common disease. When genetic disorders are even congenital disorders. In one family, the children may suffer more directly from this disease.

As a result, various kinds of complex processes in the body increases by several times the level of male hormones. Considering that violations occur with the onset of the body of the child, they expressed very clearly in his appearance. Mainly manifested “masculine traits”: the voice becomes rough, powerful muscular system and the skeleton, male pattern hair distribution, and so on.

This is especially noticeable in the female. Genitals girls develop properly: the clitoris grows (hermaphroditism), the vagina can join with the urethra, menses or do not start, or scanty and irregular.

Secondary sexual characteristics in boys with adrenal hyperplasia develop more intensively, than their peers. They grow quickly at first, and then begin to fall behind in growth.

Treatment of adrenal hyperplasia

Given that the disease is hormonal in nature, it is natural that the hormones used in the treatment of adrenal hyperplasia. It is also possible, and surgery, but it is used only when the gland tumor. Treatment is prescribed depending on the individual features of the disease. It is said that if the adrenal glands have been removed, then the person will use the rest of your life hormone replacement therapy.

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