Boil: Description, causes, treatment

The people is the cutaneous manifestations, which brings not only an inconvenience but also a lot of pain people call – boil. In medicine, it is called a boil. Boil is an inflammation of the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues, which is complicated by necrosis and pus. The agents of the inflammatory process may be different bacteria, but most often the cause of the boil becomes Staphylococcus aureus.

Boil may appear on the body and because of poor hygiene, skin contamination, persistent skin micro traumas, due to hormonal and immune imbalance of oily skin. This disease often affects adolescents during puberty, men who shave and injure the skin. Furunculosis often begins after a prolonged systemic infection, stress, persistent antibiotic treatment, fatigue and other factors reduce the body’s defenses. 

Boil may appear as one and the “family” in the company subsidiaries rash, then it is chronic furunculosis.

boil-description-causes-treatmentHow is a boil?

First, the skin appears nodular seal, which is accompanied by redness of the skin and the local increase in temperature. Then, over time, this inflammation increases, swelling and redness of the zone to become more extensive. Sometimes there is malaise and fever.

After a few days in the heart of the inflammation appears “head” filled with pus, a pressure-sensitive content can stand a little boil. Once the boil is opened, you can see its “core – a dense clump of tissue. 
After a few days, the dead tissue is torn away, leaving deep bleeding ulcer. After healing the skin may remain a scar from the boil, all depends on the size of the growths.

Usually, from the beginning of the boil until complete healing it passes 10-15 days.

boil Treatment

Many of us used to the boil can be treated at home using his grandmother’s recipes, and I admit that some of them myself, and I use quite effectively. Yet it should be remembered that the boil can also be a harbinger of “the storm”, especially if you often ill SARS, so you should boil the appearance of all consult a doctor.

Treatment boil start from the beginning of its proliferation as soon as you found it. As a rule, the house can be a place where the boil grows treat with antiseptic and coat then ihtiolovaya ointment. The doctor may prescribe physical therapy first, irradiating ultraviolet inflammation. It also may prescribe antibiotics.

After the boil rod was completely removed, it is necessary to prevent secondary infection of open sores. For this different use of antiseptics and antibiotics. It is important to treat the skin around the boil to prevent it “family” sprawl.

There are times when a boil run, and the rod because of its large size itself is not rejected, then the surgeon intervenes. So if you still have started the process of inflammation, do not try to remove the core of the boil, and Trust the experts.

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