How To Cook Grilled Hake In A Very Juicy Way And Do Not Break

How To Cook Grilled Hake In A Very Juicy Way And Do Not Break

How to cook grilled hake very juicy and do not break: presentation

Today I bring you a cooking trick. And, if I talk about cooking, it’s because I’ve destroyed piles of fillets, medallions and slices of hake trying to grind them. Do you think you can cook a grilled hake without breaking it? The answer is yes, but you have to take into account a couple of things, very few, but very important.

This trick recipe will be very helpful if you are trying to diet, because in addition to being a much more “nice” dish I assure you that your hake will be much richer and extremely more juicy.

Maybe you already know how to do it, but many continue to coat the hake in flour and fry it in the pan for fear of having it serve shredded. Everything that is fried is tremendously richer, but supposes an extra caloric contribution unnecessary.

The steps are simple, so let’s go with the recipe already.

How To Cook Grilled Hake In A Very Juicy Way And Do Not BreakIngredients:

  • 5 slices of good sized hake
  • 2 garlic
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt

How to cook grilled hake very juicy and do not break: recipe preparation

Before you begin, keep in mind that…

  1. – This “trick” begins in the fish market because fresh fish is much firmer and more consistent than frozen fish. Ask them to cut slices of hake an inch and a half thick. The thicker you cut it, the better you manipulate it when you cook. Do not worry if it is raw inside, because the fish is cooked very fast. Remember that if you cook it too much it will dry and you will lose one of the best pleasures of eating fish: the juiciness.

  1. – To cook the juicy hake and that does not break, you must have an iron or non-stick skillet. Many lose this wonderful quality when you put them in the dishwasher, scratch carefully with the green part of the scrub or simply use metallic accessories for cooking. Remember that the metal should not skim the surface of the pan, so better silicone or wood utensils.

  1. – The dressing that you are going to use is to your liking, but I recomed you that you put in the mortar one or two garlic and a bunch of parsley. Once chopped pour a little oil and then spread it better on the fish. You can also add paprika or spices that you like.

If you want more cooking tips, I recommend that you see  how to clean and cook asparagus so that they stay at your point  and how to cook tender and juicy chicken breasts. Tricks and recipes .

Let’s cook juicy hake that will not break…

  1. – Put your iron or frying pan in the fire and pour a trickle of extra virgin olive oil. Put the fire to the maximum. With the aid of a wooden or silicone spatula, extend the oil all over the surface.

  1. When the oil is very hot, never let it start to smoke because it burns and is toxic, place the fillets or slices of hake, which you have previously seasoned with a little salt. When placing them, move them slightly so they start to be marked. Just a couple of seconds, dragging them a centimeter right left or up, you does not have to move them any longer.

  1. Watch the fire, do not burn the oil and modify it if necessary. In order for you to have a juicy hake that does not break, it should be cooked on fairly lively fire.
  2. – When you see that it begins to change of color from above and begins to whiten, pour a few droplets of olive oil and, with the help of a wooden spatula or silicone, turn them around. It is best to pass the spatula under the fish taking off carefully if there is any part attached. It is inevitable that the part marked by the fire will adhere, but it is easy to take it off without breaking the fish as it is a non-stick surface. Paradoxical, right? Well do not you think catch it with the clips because at this moment it is easy to break it.
  3. – Now, while it is done on the other side, place the chopped garlic parsley dressing on top and spread evenly with a teaspoon. Carrying oil is easily distributed.
  4. When it is done, give it a second spin and leave it just a few seconds for the garlic and parsley to cook. Remove from heat and serve immediately. If you leave it done, it will dry for sure. I hope you follow all my advice to cook juicy hake that will not break.


Leave ready the garnish and the rest of the food so that when you have the fish done, you can take it to the table and are all seated. If you reheat it, dry it.

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