Eat Well After Vacation: 10 Revolutionary Keys

Eat Well After Vacation: 10 Revolutionary Keys

We left a few days of vacation that have known us to glory, as perhaps all those snacks and holy weekends that are already being noticed in our waist. “No sweets, no more bread, it’s over!”

My advice on this reaction is: do not rush!

The days of penance have already passed and if you are thinking of “stop eating” I warn you that the straight line is not always the shortest path to your goal.

Taking drastic and hasty measures to regain your weight can lead you to failures of the past, waste resources, and put you in a bad mood.

Better, this time do something different and start by putting the focus out of the food. There will be time to indicate good detox guidelines these days.

In addition, scientifically, specifically at the University of Montreal, it has been concluded that abandoning soft drinks, sweets, sugars etc. Drastically changing to a diet to lose weight can cause reactions similar to the “withdrawal syndrome” that occurs when leaving certain substances or drugs.

Therefore, before you continue counting on how to avoid this syndrome, it is necessary mental and emotional preparation, which reorders the relationship with food, help prepare the body and release the stress that makes it difficult to lose weight progressively and permanently.

Today I leave you these ten keys coming from intuitive feeding essential to start losing weight with head:

Eat Well After Vacation: 10 Revolutionary KeysRejects the mentality of being on a diet

Challenge the challenge of being on a diet and discover your right to eat intuitively

Honor your hunger

Trust the signs of hunger and give yourself permission to eat when your body needs it

Make peace with food

Take a break and set aside good or bad foods. Deprivation leads to overeating

Plan and prepare your environment

Make fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks in your kitchen. Establish a healthy meal routine

Respect Your Satiety

Reduce speed by eating, snacking, and enjoying often appropriately identifying when you are satisfied

Get enough sleep

If you do not sleep well in the morning your body will scream for sugar.

Enjoy your feelings without using food

Food will not fill your emotional needs even if it provides you with short-term relief. There are healthy ways to take charge of your emotions

Respect Your Body

We all have different shapes and sizes. Learn to love and accept your unique form.

Begin to exercise

Leave aside excuses and laziness. Test, try and discover the sport that fits you, feel the difference in your body

Honor your health

Discover the balance between physical hunger and appetite. There is no perfect meal plan except the one that works for you. Start designing it progressively or ask for help.

Many already dominate their ideal diet but are unable to manage their lifestyle, organize their purchase or manage their compulsions with food. They start a diet and lose weight, but soon they regain weight and regain more weight than they lost, again affecting their image and above all their self-esteem !.

Therefore, before beginning any diet make sure you find yourself well and inquire into your true obstacles with regard to food and weight.

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