Gout: description, causes, symptoms, treatment

One of the varieties of joint diseases is gout, which occurs due to metabolic disorders, when the blood begins to rise the concentration of uric acid, and then in the kidneys and, especially in the joints of urate crystals are collected. The deposits of urate salts in the form of a result in the beginning of inflammation, deformation of joints and tissues, the formation of kidney sand and stone, limitation of joint mobility.

Causes gout

This disease has many different causes of their formation. And among them such as:

  • The protein and fat diet, a diet consists of milk, meat and other zhirno- protein products ;
  • congenital metabolic defects of character, “family gout”;
  • In diseases of the kidneys, bladder, autoimmune diseases, poisoning and various other.

gout-description-causes-symptoms-treatmentWith age, increasing the risk of gout. It is worth noting that this disease are more susceptible to men than women. In very rare cases, this pathology can be observed in females before menopause, because the hormones that are released during certain periods of menstruation and stimulates excretion of uric acid. Basically, women are beginning to suffer from gout for 60 years.

Symptoms of gout

This disease of the joints may be a while occur without symptoms. If you spend at this time biochemical analysis of blood and intra-articular (synovial) fluid start of gout can not be determined.

Over time, the accumulation of an acute attack of arthritis occurs in the tissues of urate. Often, strong, unbearable pain may occur at night or early in the morning. Inflammation impersonating swelling, redness of tissue and joint stiffness. Gradually, if you do not start treating the symptoms of gouty attacks are in themselves.

While developing gout, urate form accumulations in the joints – tophi. The kidney stones can appear, thereby degrading their performance, resulting due to kidney failure.

Only after laboratory tests can make an accurate diagnosis of the disease, when the blood secrete high levels of uric acid in the tissues of the presence of urate. It can also be assigned to an x-ray of the joints to detect the presence of tophi.

Gout Treatment

Today, medicine is still unable to figure out how to reverse the processes that lead to gout back. So to cure this disease is unfortunately not possible. The truth is there are methods and ways to control the condition of the patient, medicines that stop gout attacks.

The main treatment for gout is to:

  • Changing your diet;
  • Appointment of physiotherapy;
  • Receiving drugs inhibiting the formation of uric acid;
  • Rarely, surgery is used to remove from the joints of tophi and kidney stones.

Therefore it is very important to know that gout can occur in all cases and its prevention is the best treatment. Such preventive measures consist of a healthy diet that is balanced in the diet ratio of protein and animal fats with vegetable carbohydrates and fiber. You should also monitor the state of the vessel and continuously measure blood pressure. If someone from the family there were cases of gout, then you should pay more attention to their health.

Diet for gout

When this disease should be monitored for cooking: eliminate from your diet smoked, fried, pickled, salted products. It is useful to be boiled, baked and steam food.

It should also be excluded from its menu, fatty types of fish and meat, chocolate, mushrooms, beans, alcohol, coffee, strong tea, all digestible carbohydrates. Eat cereals, seafood, eggs, low-fat dairy products, nuts, vegetables and fruits.

Patients with gout is contraindicated salt, spices, sugar.

It is useful to start feed fractional: small meals 5-6 times a day. Start fasting days. In these days there are better roughage, naked cereal, low-fat yogurt, vegetables, fruit.

Before you sit on such a diet should consult a doctor, since each patient has their own individual eating habits.

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