Ingrown nail on the leg: description, causes, treatment

Beach all the people, from adolescence especially among males – a ingrown nail on the leg. What happens then is when the outer edges of the nail of the thumb basically grow and dig into the surrounding soft tissue, thus bringing not only uncomfortable, but also the pain during and after the walk.

This pathology as already mentioned, occurs most commonly on the leg on the big toes. In addition to the germination and subsequent pain, ingrown nail can lead to infection and inflammation of the soft tissue due to dirt in the resulting wound. The infectious-inflammatory process that begins because the ingrown nail is able to spread around hitting healthy tissue and joints of the fingers. If you do not take urgent measures, it may result in a consequence to blood poisoning.

ingrown-nail-on-the-leg-description-causes-treatmentThe cause ingrown nail

The tendency to this disease can be both hereditary and not on hygiene measures, that is timely and accurate cutting of nails. Typically, this occurs in people with delicate soft tissue which surrounds the nail.

The corners of the nail grow sideways usual, if it is short shaved, so it is recommended during the pedicure nail to maintain a smooth outer edge without any curving forms in favor of dermal roller finger. The truth is not always a guarantee of damage tissue around the nail.

For ingrown nail can also cause bad and shoes, which compresses the foot. Uncomfortable shoes can also lead to other diseases, even if a person is not given to them: the curvature of the fingers, feet, arthritis, corns appearance and so on.

Treatment of ingrown nail

There are conservative and radical methods of treatment of this symptom. And if radical methods include surgery, the conservative method involves removal of inflammation and infection, removal of ingrown toenails angle and growing the correct form of nail plate.

If while walking, you feel discomfort in the thumb after his inspection noticed that the corner of the nail began to grow into the finger, and thus inflammation and suppuration not, then we should address this issue and to prevent deterioration.

Firstly, it should, at least, during the treatment to set aside narrow shoes that only promotes ingrowth and increased pain deep nail. The following dial a basin of hot water and steam temperatures bearable feet to the nail plate is softened and became soft and flexible. After that, rub the feet, gently lift the ingrowing corner and put under it a cotton or a small tamponchik. If the wound has formed, it should be treated with antiseptics, such as Miramistin . The main thing is to make so that the nail does not grow into a tissue, and beyond it, so that later you can mow it properly.

Often there is not enough of steaming hot water, then follows the nail plate trays greased with butter, cover with parchment, roll up the film and so leave for a day. On the second day again made to steam bath, after which the nail is softened.

ingrown nail treatment laser coagulation

Unfortunately, not always, it turns out, on their own cure this pathology, especially if started extensive inflammation and pain to become unbearable. In this case, the doctor can only help.

Average surgical solution to this problem is not always effective in the sense that the ingrown nail care can begin again soon.

So come to the aid of modern treatment methods, namely laser photocoagulation. This procedure removes the edge of the nail plate and inflamed tissue, also be removal of the causative bacteria and pus that has formed in the wound. This laser correction takes place quickly and without pain. On the healing tissue is given week, and the doctor may prescribe painkillers. But the most important thing is that after such an operation more than a fingernail to grow and grow into the finger tissue is not.

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