Natural Remedy For Dry Or Irritated Skin

Natural Remedy For Dry Or Irritated Skin

Now that the cold is approaching and we often have eczema on the skin or we are very irritated and very dry, it will be nice to have a chamomile cream to help us counteract these effects. I recommend that experts, in person, give you the approval before applying any remedy.

How will we do it?

We will prepare a chamomile cream and for this we will need the flowers of this plant.

It acts at the nervous level with an ideal sedative effect for cases of nervousness, nerve pain, menstrual pains, and children’s convulsions). It is also advisable for insomnia. Chamomile has sedative properties and will help us relax. It is even advised to use it in cases of nerve pains (neuralgic origin) such as sciatica. Chamomile will help us calm the pain, help relax the muscle and this will make the person more relaxed too. It prevents spasms of muscles.

It is of great help for our digestive system as it prevents vomiting. It is carminative and helps to expel intestinal gas. It improves irritations in the mouth or any altered mucus. It is cholera and favors the production of bile.

For cases of dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea, i.e., menstrual cramps, both when women have the rule and when it does not, it is good to take a tincture of chamomile. Helps regulate menstruation. And even for itchy vaginal irritations, baths and / or lavages with chamomile water should be done. It is emollient: it desinflarse the mucous membranes (anti-inflammatory) .

At the skin level chamomile is anti-inflammatory, so it can go well for skin irritations or for dry skin. We can apply it in the form of ointment or cream. This depends on the type and intensity of irritation and / or dryness. The infusion oil can also be applied for skin and mucosal irritations.

In infections of the eyes it is usually used for conjunctivitis. The euphoria is decongestant (that is why it is recommended to use it when we need to apply it for a longer time), while chamomile is recommended for a short time. It can help calm the itch of the eyes. It can be mixed with thyme, but not applied for a long time.

For hair. With infusion of chamomile and putting in the sun serves to lighten the hair.

Once you look at its many properties we are going to focus on the skin. What do we need to make the cream?

Natural Remedy For Dry Or Irritated SkinIngredients:

  • 50 grams of dry chamomile or 60 grams if the plant is fresh.
  • 75 ml of water.
  • 100 ml of sunflower oil.
  • 25 g of beeswax.
  • 25 g of lanolin.
  • 25 g of glycerin.

Process of elaboration: We put beeswax and lanolin to the bath Maria. We are going to undo it. When they are undone, add the oil, glycerin and water (all liquids). Let’s stir everything without sticking and dissolving well. We add the plant.

We let it simmer for at least 1 hour (maximum 3 hours). We filter the entire mixture even when it is hot, until it cools. Fill the glass jars that we need. And you’re ready.

Then you can use it 3 to 4 times a day on the affected area. It will improve quickly!

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