Scientific Computing in the Americas: The Challenge of Massive Parallelism

Scientific Computing in the Americas: the challenge of massive parallelism
3–14 January 2011, Valparaiso, Chile

Funding will be awarded to 30 graduate students and postdocs to attend this institute, thanks to NSF award OISE-1036435.  Applications will be received online until October 1st. 2010.

Additional support provided by the hosts, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, and sponsors to-be-announced.


Python Conference in Arkansas
Anyone interested in learning, or learning more, about the Python Programming Language should attend this free event.

TACC Training: Defensive Programming Part 1
Achieving correct results for scientific computing problems may require billions of calculations, which makes it impossible to check by hand. This talk is about how to make this task more manageable.

Open Senior Linux Cluster Admin Position
University of Arkansas seeks a cluster administrator