Shingles: description, symptoms, treatment

The disease herpes zoster, or as it is called herpes zoster, got its name because of the characteristic rash. Before there comes a stage on the body rash, a person experiences a tingling, itching and burning at the site of the skin lesion.Sometimes the pain is felt very strongly and there is a feeling that it hurt the internal organs. These symptoms can be confused with symptoms of renal or biliary colic, sometimes with cardiovascular diseases. Here everything depends on what part of the body was struck by shingles.

There are times when there are no scars, and the only pain is the only symptom of the disease. In this situation, the doctor does a blood test and after the antibody test determines the exact diagnosis.

shingles-description-symptoms-treatmentThe causative agent of this disease is a virus that also becomes the cause of chickenpox – varicella-zoster, which is part of the herpes virus group. Therefore it is not surprising that often fall ill with herpes zoster are those who previously suffered from chicken pox.

Usually the rash typical of herpes occurs in this disease, belting the affected area. Most often localized zoster in the chest, but sometimes may also be affected and facial motor nerves.

When herpes zoster sometimes blisters with fluid. After their opening surface dries up, and in their place, then a scab formed, which after some time disappears on its own. Sometimes local scab scars remain. At times when the disease may occur secondary infection, which is of bacterial origin, as a complication. After the disappearance of the rash may occur in rare cases of skin pigmentation.

A patient with a weak immune zoster more severe due to the fact that the body is unable to resist infectious diseases. The doctor in this case the total treatment depriving appoints antiviral chemotherapy. The disease is also complicated by the patient’s age, especially spruce is an elderly man. The duration of the disease also varies and can last for weeks. In this case also affected the central nervous system.

After the disease was over, the patient may be postherpetic neuralgia, which even a few months after the disease may appear. A complication is quite difficult to treat.

Treatment of herpes zoster

As a rule, the disease is treated with ointment acyclovir . As is well known ointment and tablets Acyclovir is used for the herpes virus, which can be both cold sores on the lips and even genital herpes . If the time to start treatment with the drug and at the same time not neglect the disease, then the disease can occur in a mild form, and then the recovery will be faster.

Acyclovir and other similar drugs are of particular importance, if the disease has become a complicated shape. If during the illness was involved and also the trigeminal nerve, then it may be conjunctivitis, which is used for ophthalmic antibiotic ointment, containing acyclovir drops. Also appointed analgesics. Sometimes your doctor may prescribe hormonal treatments and then in acute disease the pain quickly goes away. However, please note that the use of hormonal drugs can cause the disease goes into a generalized form.

During treatment, the patient must remember not to tear the scab formed independently may otherwise leave marks and scars on the skin, which are then difficult to cure.

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