Tips For Traveling With Children According To Age

Tips For Traveling With Children According To Age

Now that the summer arrives and with him the long awaited vacations, what better way to break with the daily routine and stress than a family trip, but if we have children we can sometimes be a little worrisome their well-being, for that reason we go To give some tips for traveling with children.

Tips for traveling with children according to age

Depending on how old our children are, we will have to adapt our trip to them, but without undue complications, as we will see below.

Infants between 0 and 1 year old

When our children have these ages so early is at least it will affect our trip, since they still do not walk and spend almost all day sleeping. Of course, we have to take special care with their hygiene and try not to alter their meal schedule.

As for feeding, if our baby is still being breastfed we will not have problems, but if instead has already started to eat porridge, it is convenient to ensure that where we go on vacation we can buy the same brand, or if not, bring the potatoes from home.

You also have to respect your sleeping hours and it is advisable to take with us the doll or stuffed animal with which you usually sleep.

Tips For Traveling With Children According To AgeChildren between 1 and 2 years

With these ages we have to be more aware of our children, as they begin to crawl, they want to explore everything and take everything they find to the mouth. Carrying the cart is advisable for when you get tired.

As for food at these ages we have to try to make their diet as close to what they do at home, trying to avoid strong or very spicy foods.

Children between 2 and 5 years

During this phase our children overflow energy, exponentially increase the time up and down so it is advisable to carry the cart, so you can rest when you cannot anymore. On the other hand the ideal while preparing the trip is to have areas where they can have fun and play with other children, such as playgrounds or green areas.

At these ages the meals are already problematic, our children can and should eat everything and their schedules are the same as ours, yes, avoid strong or very spicy foods.

At bedtime it may be a bit uncomfortable that from the age of three they no longer fit in travel cots and are still small for a 90 cm bed, but it may be a good time to try it if you have not done yet.

Children between 6 and 12 years old

Already at these ages our children do not represent any change in our trip, indeed, it is advisable to make you participate in the organization of the trip, as they are full of energy and enthusiastic planning, it may also be interesting to let them decide some The activities to be carried out, since that way will be much more involved in the trip.

Both food and bedtime no longer makes any difference to ours, what should be taken into account if we are going to take a long trip is to take some book or leisure activity that you like so you do not so heavy, since these ages cost more to sleep while they go in the transport.

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