For the Lecture Series, CI-TRAIN broadcasts these sessions through EVO, created and maintained by Caltech. CI-TRAIN has a partnership with Caltech to access the software at no cost for this academic research endeavor.


To Use EVO:

  1. Go to http://evo.caltech.edu
  2. Click "Register"
  3. Fill out the registration page
  4. Wait for the emailed activation link
  5. Click on the activation link (if you get the error: "ERROR: The user registered with this id doesn't exist anymore in our database", wait for approximately 30 seconds and try again)
  6. Once successful, go back to http://evo.caltech.edu and click "Start EVO" (Note: EVO requires Java, and uses Java applets in the browser)
  7. The "Koala" application will start and should eventually display a login window
  8. Once logged into EVO, click "Meetings -> Search for meetings". Search for "CI-TRAIN", and join it.
  9. Check your speaker and microphone levels to assess if they are working properly.


EVO Quickstart Guide

Additional information on recommended hardware to enable the total environment

FAQ page for EVO with help for setup on the different platforms as well as info on using H323 and SIP clients


Evo is not recommended for use on Netbooks. Also, EVO can slow down or have dropped service over wireless internet. If it doesn't work properly with wireless, try a direct connection.


EVO is for academic research environments. If EVO is utilized for a project supported by the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, or CERN please cite their use: This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. PHY-0938825. Award Date: September 9, 2009.


Annual Meeting Slides Available
The presentations from the annual meeting are posted on Arkansas Science & Technology Authority's site.

pyArkansas Registration Open
The 5th annual gathering of enthusiasts and users of the Python programming language, will be held on October 27, 2012 at University of Central Arkansas in Conway.

UAPB Offers CS Master's Degree
Starting this fall, the Computer Science Unit at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff will offer a Master’s of Science degree in Computer Science & Technology (CS&T;)--the first of its kind for the institution.