Supercomputing in Plain English

The University of Oklahoma is hosting "Supercomputing in Plain English" (SiPE)

Supercomputing in Plain English
Tuesdays 2:00 - 3:00 PM CT / 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET
January 25 - May 3, 2011
Cost: Free
Available live in person, live via videoconferencing worldwide, and via streaming recorded video.


For those who aren't familiar, SiPE is a FREE workshop series on High Performance Computing. OU will provide the workshops not only live in person at OU, but also live via videoconferencing, and as streaming video. Exercises wil also be provided after most of the presentations, which you can run on OSCER's big cluster supercomputer.


Jan 25: Overview: What the Heck is Supercomputing?
Feb 15: The Tyranny of the Storage Hierarchy
Feb 22: Instruction Level Parallelism
March 1: Stupid Compiler Tricks
March 8: Shared Memory Multithreading
March 15: NO SESSION
March 22: Distributed Multiprocessing
March 29: NO SESSION
Apr 5: Applications and Types of Parallelism
Apr 12: Multicore Madness
Apr 19: High Throughput Computin
Apr 26: GPGPU: Number Crunching in Your Graphics Card
May 3: Grab Bag: Scientific Libraries, I/O Libraries, Visualization

*Schedule subject to change



For the presentations:

  • one semester of programming in any of C, C++, Fortran or Java (you just need to know variables, loops, arrays and if).


For the exercises:

  • one semester of programming in any of C, C++ or Fortran (NOT Java), recently;
  • one semester of experience with any Unix-like operating system (including but not limited to Linux), *recently*.




Tentative List

  • Access Grid ( potentially expensive
  • QuickTime Broadcaster: *FREE* for end users (in your browser)
  • H.323 (Polycom etc): *FREE* but may be tricky
  • EVO ( *FREE* (For log on information, see the University of Oklahoma's site "Supercomputing in Plain English/Evo".)
  • WebEx: limited number of users per session
  • Toll free land line phone bridge
  • Gmail for sending questions via text
  • Slides posted to the web before each session (PowerPoint and PDF)
  • Streaming video posted to the web after each session


Details about how to connect will be provided soon, both via e-mail and in the slides.

NOTE: We ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that your conferencing connection will fail at least occasionally. Please be sure to download the slides before each session, and please be prepared to switch to a different technology during the session if necessary.


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