Unhappiness And Back Pain

Unhappiness And Back Pain

We are accustomed to hearing that back pain is caused by physical situations such as a herniated disc, an overexertion, bad postures; mattresses … Humans have a part of the brain that needs to explain everything that happens to us. If we do not have the answer we are going to invent it because that is what our brain needs. Having an explanation will give tranquility to the left hemisphere of our brain but does not mean that we have the actual picture of the situation. We are all familiar with the resistance that opposes our mind when someone tries to get us out of our error; we are able to discuss something in which we evidently have no reason just to maintain the tranquility and balance of our mind.

What is unhappiness? Can it cause back pain? Much could be discussed about unhappiness, but we can all agree that it is a state of discomfort where the negative view of what surrounds us predominates. There is one obvious thing that has been ignored for centuries and is the continuity between body and mind. When we strive to swim against the current, to do everything that others tell us and not to follow our sincere impulses released from the noise that surrounds us, the body warns us. If you are locked in a job that you do not like or get into a relationship with someone you do not appreciate or admire, if you wake up in the morning without illusions, your body will get sick. If you realize it in time and you know how to listen to your body, the disease will still be curable.

Unhappiness And Back PainBack and neck pain is one of our body’s favorite alarms. Unhappiness and stress will cause pain in the back and / or neck. It does not need more. I’m going to tell you a debate that I remember very well. It occurred in my 6th grade class. A psychiatrist asked us if we thought that depression could cause cancer. I was struck by the fact that most of the students not only did not believe in this possibility, but laughed at the teacher as if he had said nonsense. All this responds to what I have said before, our brain. The brain needs to look for a cause that justifies cancer, something that can be seen and touched, a toxin, radiation … Our culture does not allow us to find motives in the spiritual. The psychiatrist then gave us many examples, always debatable, But rather explanatory. We all know cases where the wife dies and her husband dies soon after. Chance? In many cases it will not be.

In this life what keeps us with energy are the goals to fulfill and the illusions. If we lock ourselves in the monotony and the lack of challenges, and we settle in a situation that does not fill us, we will have unhappiness.

In conclusion, do not lose sight of that behind a back or neck pain may be a warning of our body that something is not right in our life. If we have doubts there are professionals who are dedicated to this as are psychologists. You have to go to them.

To end I leave you a quote from Jordan Belfort – “The only thing standing between you and the life you want is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t have it”.

“The only thing that stands between you and the life you want is the story shit that you keep telling yourself why you cannot have it.”

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