Your Health Vision

Your Health Vision

Earlier he used to listen to people who are overwhelmed, overwhelmed by work worries, overweight, etc. That “put the batteries”, now they are advised to hire a coach.

I was one of those people that had to put the batteries, with many difficulties to abandon my bad habits and to construct a routine of exercise, food and healthy leisure that worked. Today, I can proudly say that I am a healthier person in all respects and feel a much higher energy level than at any other time in my life.

And for this health coaching has helped me a lot to know how to make those changes.

I remember being too accustomed to identifying my weaknesses, my faults, everything I could not do, and I became a person whose habits (especially of thought) were harmful to me.

Focusing on what I “could not” or “did not know how to do”, filling my head with impediments, comparisons or excuses, are frequent conversations in which I found myself entangled and making it difficult to gather the forces to change.

So I want to encourage you to start the week with tools that, like me, can help you break down the negative thoughts that block your health and also help you change that chip.

One of the most important things to recharge you when you need it and that will help you get the batteries is to have a Health Vision

An objective that is not tied to some kind of vision often simply “floats around” with a vague sense of importance.


The vision of health consists of a phrase that describes the healthy person you want to be, your attitude, behaviors, healthy behaviors that you are doing (or going to do) to get there.

  • What kind of person would you be if you took care of yourself, lived slowly and became aware of what you feel good about?
  • What would you look like, what would your expression look like and how would you feel within that ideal?
  • What behaviors would you do each week, every day?

When I try to get a habit to achieve that goal I want to achieve, for example: running 10 km, I can recover that vision of health and see myself being someone who achieves that goal. If my vision is: ” I am a healthy woman who invests time in running in the mornings, cooking with products of the season, assumes challenges at work and dedicates quality time to her family ” running a 10 km fits that image !! .

The truth is that our mind is very directive but when it comes to health and well-being you need clear instructions on what steps you must follow to feel the maximum well-being.

I encourage you to start designing that healthier vision for you today!

If you keep this vision in your mind, or even better, in your heart, it will serve as a magnificent guide to making healthy and conscious choices that will bring you closer and closer to the vital person you want to be.

And if you have anxiety to reach your vision, I give you one last advice:

  • Enjoy the road! Many times helping groups or people to change to be healthier, I have been able to discover that what is most fulfilling is not so much the achievement of that desired goal (that too) but everything that you are discovering about yourself and others along the way .
  • To achieve this I leave you as a gift the poem ITAKA Kavafis will help you to reflect on how to go through the change towards your health, you can read it and delight your reflection.
  • Have you decided to commit to making significant changes to one or more aspects of your health this year? What is your health vision?

Describe it and then look for an image, or have that phrase that inspires your ideal to use it when you need it!

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